Are companies allowed to file consumer complaints to the Federal Communications Commission? May a company complain to the FCC that their business phone provider won't give them the information needed to port a number or they're overcharged for internet?

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There is no legal significance to their use of the word "consumer" rather than "customer" or "purchaser", and nothing on their website suggests a limit on who can file a complaint. Indeed, the complaint form asks for "Company Name (if applicable)". There are no subject-matter restrictions on complaints though it is pointless to complain about something that isn't about a violation of FCC regulations. It is pointless to complain about internet service rates, because the FCC does not regulate those rates. I cannot determine if there is any FCC requirement that a provider must tell you how to port your number from one provider to another. However, you could file a complains, which the provider must reply to, and they would tell you something like "We don't provide that information". You could then escalate the matter to the status of a formal complaint (which costs money), and eventually you might get a full formal explanation that they are not required to tell you how to do it (unless they are required to, then they presumably will have told you before you got to this stage). The FCC guide on porting numbers does not indicate whether the provider has to explain to you how to do it, but their guide is a good starting point.

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