On the 13th my gas was disconnected without notice.

When I called my gas company they said I was past due. I paid them the same day.

My service was reconnected on the 15th.

On the 15th I got a letter saying my connection will be disconnected if I didn't pay before the 20th.

That means they disconnected me one week earlier than they gave notice.

What remedies do I have for this?


Rule 7.45(4)(c) of the Railroad Commission rules allows disconnection of gas service for non-payment, stipulating that

...Proper notice consists of a deposit in the United States mail, postage prepaid, or hand delivery to the customer at least five working days prior to the stated date of disconnection, with the words "Termination Notice" or similar language prominently displayed on the notice....

If indeed the stated disconnection date was the 20th, then that would seem to be a violation. This page provides basic information on complaints. Only your attorney can advise you whether there is practical utility or legal grounds for a lawsuit, but the email address on that page might be simpler.

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