There is a 2m height restriction on border fences in the UK.

Can signs attached to a fence, pointing into the victim's garden, exceed the height of the fence resulting in a total height exceeding the 2m planning restriction?

Are signs in general allowed to be put on a border fence pointing into the victim's garden?

Can electronic devices be attached to a fence pointing into the victim's garden, exceeding the 2m height restriction?

Edit: I use the word victim because the perpetrator is falsely claiming the victim is engaging in crime and then the perpetrator is going to the police/council with faked evidence. This is what the signs and electronic devices relate to. The reality is the victim can prove the perpetrator is engaging in that crime themselves and trying to pretend it is the victim. This has been ongoing for 12 years.

  • You need to look at planning laws. Planning permission may or may not be required for other structures, including security cameras and signage.
    – Stuart F
    Nov 25 at 16:30
  • The security camera regulator in the UK has acknowledge the cameras of the perpetrator are not permitted. Front line police have tried to help, but appear to be blocked by Social Services. The protaganist has had CCTV cameras almost continuously looking into our house and garden since 2015.
    – Rewind
    2 days ago


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