I just bought a washer and drier, pretty expensive one ($2,000). It failed after 2 runs (YES TWO). It's brand new, and it's a piece of garbage (in terms of quality).

So, I called to the store, they referred me to the warranty vendor. So, those warranty guys told me that was pretty normal. This happens, and they would come over and fix it.

My problem is I DON'T WANT TO START REPAIRING A BRAND NEW APPLIANCE. This is ridiculous! Obviously this was a defective item, I need a replacement. But they told me NO.

Then I contacted the manufacturer. They told me they didn't care even if I bought it yesterday, the only option is to fix it. I asked if they could send a technician and take a look at it and diagnose without starting the actual repair. However, they refused. They said, once they send a technician, they will have to repair.

So I want to file a small claim against the manufacturer for selling me a lemon. Can I do this? Or should I let their repairman try to fix it. The problem is, they might apply a temporary patch, so it would work for a year, and then there is no warranty at all. Dang it, it's brand new, how come don't they replace it?


Can you sue them? Generally, yes.

More cost-effective: Use the merchant's return policy if you want to return the items. Or, if you purchased them with a credit card or other payment transfer service, check their terms: Often they will assist with returning goods for some period after purchase even when the merchant doesn't want to.

  • Unfortunately, the merchant does not accept returns. And my credit card does not have those benefits. – Emily Apr 21 '16 at 19:58
  • I don't really want to sue anybody, it's just I think it is unfair. An appliance should work for a while until it breaks. It they get it repaired, then it's not brand new anymore. – Emily Apr 21 '16 at 20:19

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