My car was Towed out of Seattle and into Burien, the Seattle website listing maximum fees a towing company can charge says "From private property in Seattle", am I correct in reading that as the Seattle maximum applies and they aren't allowed to have charged me three times that amount for towing my vehicle? As a side note is it worth disputing them claiming a 15m drive took them two hours or is that too hard to disprove?


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I'm sure you know that a 15 mile drive in Seattle can easily take 2 hours, which incidentally is not limited to driving time. The Seattle towing ordinance is here, with a more user-friendly explanation here. Nothing in the ordinance addresses the distinction between "within Seattle" versus "from Seattle". Bear in mind that this is for impounded vehicles: if you want your car towed from Northgate to Burien, they can charge whatever they want. Also, Seattle and Burien are in the same county.

  • I should clarify it was 3miles, 15 minutes is how long it took me to go from the location of the tow to their business. I was charged for 2h for a 3 mile tow.
    – Kyle W
    Jan 15, 2023 at 0:28

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