Having recently found out about Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT) requests, I had some questions that I could not find on the government (gov.uk) website. I am interested in both between UK and EU and between UK and non-EU MLAT requests.

Would the alleged perpetrator's age be a factor, for example if they were at the time of the crime (or still are) under the age of criminal responsibility in either the UK or the other country. Could that prevent an MLAT being used?

Would it be based on the age of criminal responsibility (nine years of age in England & Wales), or the age that the country considers citizens to be adults (I believe is 16 in England & Wales)?

Would the answers to the above also apply to the alleged victim, for example they were too young at the time of the crime for an MLAT to be used to investigate whatever crime they were a victim of?

  • Age of criminal responsibility in E&W is 10, not 9. And for most (all?) law enforcement purposes adults are 18+.
    – Rick
    Jan 23 at 18:57
  • @Rick So if the police in the UK wanted to do an MLAT with another country (either EU or non-EU) they would be blocked if the perpetrator was under the age of criminal responsibility or not yet 18 - which is it? Jan 23 at 19:04


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