I have just rented an AirBnB apartment, where there were a broken door, that the renter hadn't informed about and also that there were some rare and hard to replace items in the apartment, that I am now being charged for.

In short the broken door couldn't be closed, so the wind cough the curtains and knocked down two candle holders. It happened in Argentina and the candle holders that comes closest to the ones that got broken can only be bought in Spain and costs a fortune and $200 in shipping.


Does there exist a law that is above AirBnB's terms of services, about the obligations the apartment owner have?

In particular would I have liked to have been informed about the door that couldn't close and the candle holders that are hard to replace, so I could have moved them away from the door, where the owner had put them.

So if I could point the apartment owner to a law paragraph that she should have informed me about this, it would be very appreciated.

  • You should have informed them of any faults as soon as you noticed them; I'm not going to check the contract, but it is quite likely there is a clause saying that. Having said that, you may not be liable for all damages if the cause is clearly outside your control, and contesting it would seem reasonable.
    – Stuart F
    Mar 3, 2023 at 13:24


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