Is it legal to share name logos for free that I made using copyrighted fonts? Do I need to write which font I used?

  • What does the licence for the font say? Commented Mar 20, 2023 at 9:48
  • It says I can use it for personal and commercial purposes but cannot share the ttf file with others.
    – Amatullah
    Commented Mar 22, 2023 at 13:58

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It depends what the license for the font says.

The license for Windows fonts, for example, allows pretty much anything including commercial use. You can freely design and distribute a logo containing Comic Sans!


As far as copyright goes, such acts are explicitly allowed in the United Kingdom.

  1. (1) It is not an infringement of copyright in an artistic work consisting of the design of a typeface—
    (a) to use the typeface in the ordinary course of typing, composing text, typesetting or printing,
    (b) to possess an article for the purpose of such use, or
    (c) to do anything in relation to material produced by such use;
    and this is so notwithstanding that an article is used which is an infringing copy of the work.

Copyright Designs & Patents Act 1998

A licence cannot impose copyright restrictions on acts which are explicitly allowed in legislation. You are using a typeface (section 54(1)(a)) and distributing material produced (section 54(1)(c)).

The licence could regulate other acts.

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