Of all criminal cases that go to trial and end in a verdict in the United States, what percentage result in a conviction for at least one of the offenses being prosecuted?

  • By "go to trial" I assume you exclude plea bargains?
    – cpast
    May 30 '16 at 14:43

68%. Per the Bureau of Justice Statistics.


What is the probability of conviction for felony defendants?

Among felony defendants whose cases were adjudicated within the one-year tracking period (89% of cases), 68% were convicted. This includes a 59% felony conviction rate with the remainder receiving misdemeanor convictions. Felony conviction rates were highest for defendants originally charged with motor vehicle theft (74%), a driving-related offense (73%), murder (70%), burglary (69%), or drug trafficking (67%). They were lowest for defendants originally charged with assault (45%).

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