In Germany, once moving into a place of permeant residence, it is required to register the address with some city council. I would like to ask, is there a cap to number of the of people who can register on a given apartment? What factors does this cap depend upon?


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The German term you are looking for is Überbelegung. As usual, the details depend on the specific situation, and also on the state. If you are a tenant in this situation, talk e.g. to the local Mieterverein.

  • In the state of Berlin, the minimum is 9 square meters per person (only 6 square meters per child below the age of six).
  • For a rental property, the landlord may be able to specify the number of tenants, and/or charge a higher rent if there are more tenants.
  • It may make a difference if the people in the residence are one family, and especially if the Überbelegung was only created by the birth of an additional child.

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