My apartment in Texas has mandatory unit inspections inside the entire apartment, including water leaks, the smoke detector, the HVAC filter, and electrical outlets, three times a year. Property management enters the apartment with 24-hour notice, regardless of whether the resident is present. I'm not fond of the idea of them entering my apartment when I'm not at home.

Do I have the legitimate right to tell the management not to enter my apartment when I'm not present at the scheduled time?

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Texas does not have a statute limiting landlord right to enter the premise, so any limitations on that right would be stated in the lease. If the landlord has a good reason to enter, then they can, and carrying out an inspection is considered a good and valid reason. As noted on this page, the standard TAA lease form allows very many reasons to enter, and when the lease does not specify reasons, there is still a right to enter make routine inspections.


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