I recently tried to sell a old mobile phone through webuyanyphone.com i was happy with the price they offered me so finished my application and went on my way. Gave them all my bank details to forward any payment and thought that was it.

However this week I noticed a irregular direct debit on my bank account. From a cyber security fire. When I've investigated this I've traced it back to webuyanyphone Tick box . Unfortunately I've not pick up on a box I have to untick if I don't want them to share me details and give me a free 30day trial. 2 questions is this legal? And is it moraly correct ?

opt inopt out

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    The question "is it moraly correct" is off topic here. I am not sure the best way to make your point about the default status of the checkbox, but including those two large images differing only by the status of the tickbox makes it hard for me to read your question and adds very little.
    – User65535
    Nov 21 at 11:56
  • What I'm asking is . Is it right a company can have you fill a form in and a tick box already be ticked (picture 1) which gives them freedom to pass my personal details on . And if you are lucky to notice this and remove the tick (picture 2) the same text remains
    – John
    Nov 21 at 14:28
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    @Lag please don’t answer in comments
    – Dale M
    Nov 22 at 3:51


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