I live in a room of the house of an old lady, and here I am not allowed to use the kitchen. During certain days I can use the shower and washing machine. However, still I got a "Wohnungsgeberbestätigung", so I want to ask, what does Wohnung mean in German? I thought it meant a whole apartment.

Is a single room without access to other rooms, also a Wohnung?

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    You are not allowed to use the shower every day? That seems unreasonable. I suggest you get some advise from your local Mieterverein. Judging by your recent questions you should also look for new accommodation.
    – Roland
    Commented Feb 27 at 6:03

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Wohnung has a different meaning in different contexts. Idiomatically, one would call this Zimmer (possibly möbliertes Zimmer) zur Untermiete.

  • For purposes of Art. 13(1) GG, this would be your Wohnung.
  • For purposes of the Berlin Wohnungsaufsichtsgesetz, such a Zimmer would be insufficient to count as a Wohnung. But then, you are not the Hauptmieter, right?
    Addition by Kai Burghardt: For purposes of building codes, Wohnung is a living room (i. e. at least one window to the outside) plus a bathroom (toilet and at least a shower) and an identifiable cooking area (kitchenette sufficient), that has lockable door(s) leading to outdoors or one intermediate staircase/hallway. The exact details depend on state law.
  • For purposes of the Bundesmeldegesetz §20, it is your Wohnung.

A couple of years ago, something like one percent of Wohnungen in Germany did lack their own toilet (i.e. the toilet was outside the dwelling, possibly shared).


Is a single room without access to other rooms, also a Wohnung?

Yes, since it is a closed space used for living or sleeping.

A Wohnungsgeberbestätigung is part of the Federal Act on Registration (§19).

What a Wohnung [Residence] is is defined in §20

A residence as defined in this Act is any closed space used for living or sleeping. ...

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