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When commercial filming is taking place inside or outside, can a member of the public be forced not to record it? [duplicate]

Generally speaking when is it allowed to photograph people? When does someone have the authority to tell you not to? Does anyone have the authority to tell another person not to photograph them, or is ...
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Is it legal or illegal to record my communication with my landlord in public parking area in Canada? [duplicate]

Is it legal or illegal to record my communication with my landlord in public parking area in Canada? if I didn't tell my landlord that I am going to record. if I tell my landlord I am recording but ...
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Is President Trump exposed to civil liability by releasing a (presumably) surreptitiously recorded version of his interview with 60 Minutes? [duplicate]

Here is a version of President Trump's interview with 60 Minutes. Assume President Trump or someone working for President Trump recorded this video with an I-Phone without knowledge by 60 Minutes. Is ...
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What are the legal repercussions of taking a stranger's picture in public?

With Snapchat and Instagram it is all too easy to abuse picture taking and really inexpensive to snap a photo of an unknowing stranger. If you are in public and will only post pictures online without ...
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Is it legal to record conversations with police?

If I am stopped by the police for questioning on the street, would I be within my rights to record the conversation on my phone to avoid any looseness with accounts of what was said on either side? ...
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How do laws affect photography of non-humans in public when people may be in the frame?

Given that this is taking place in a public area where one would not have an expectation of privacy, what legal restrictions exist on photography of people where they are not the subject of the ...
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Who owns a recorded Skype conversation?

If someone records my Skype conversation, is that video his property or mine? Is there a law against him making that video public or even recording it to begin with? Country- India.
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Right to privacy at place of work

In the United States, is one's workplace generally considered to be a place where an employee can assume a relative level of privacy from hidden surveillance? For example, suppose that I had a ...
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Model release for image without faces

I am an amateur photographer [Edit: Working in Washington state, in the US] and I am looking into selling my work. One of my favorite photos contains two people I don't know, and I'm concerned about ...
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Video Recording Cops

I was wondering of the USA legalities of maintaining recorded video with audio when it comes to cops pulling you over while driving for whatever reason? I wasn't sure if you have to verbally tell ...
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Street Photography with a subject of a person in mind

Context So I take pictures on the street and from searching on the Law SE, it seems that people should not expect any privacy rights, when out in public. My question is a variant of some of the ...
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