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Is it copyright infringement if I don’t actually make any money from someone else’s audio? [duplicate]

Say I use audio snippets from copyrighted speeches (TED talks, news segments, etc.) on top of some original music. If I use this in a public performance that is completely free and generates no profit/...
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Is it legal to use random images from the Internet in my personal study notes? [duplicate]

It's the images of objects, the images are helping learn new vocabulary. I don't know if they're under copyright. I mean if I get them from some website. I want to use them only in my personal notes ...
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Could I write a "Parry Hotter" novel?

There is a question over at the Writing SE which was wondering whether J. K. Rowling would consent to somebody writing a Harry Potter sequel. The answer was, predictably in hindsight, "you would ...
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Does this image with a subject containing graffiti in the background infringe on the graffiti artist's copyright?

Here's the image in question: Basically, the subject in the foreground is showcasing a company's product for an advertisement. The graffiti holder has argued that the image infringes on their ...
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Is a filing in the public domain?

Apparently, a Comic book shop filed a complaint as a comic book. The third amended complaint in the case has, in part, the style of an illustrated novel. But it is also a court filing. Court ...
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Are you allowed to transcribe a copyrighted manuscript?

Say there is a manuscript such as this that isn't in the Public Domain. I have seen one (don't remember where) where it was a manuscript that the museum said they wanted to share online but is "...
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Can you reuse the text of a contract you've signed with one party with another party?

Relations between individuals and business entities are governed by law; what's not specified in the law, can be specified by a mutually-executed contract. Generally, one party provides the actual ...
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Transcribing Ancient Manuscripts from Around the World

As a follow-up/clarification to this question, I would like to ask with a little bit more detail. There are several groups of "ancient" manuscripts and inscriptions which I would like for this to ...
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How far can a program's user interface be copied before it becomes copyright infringement?

I want to create a program, to be specific, it's an IDE (Integrated Development Environment i.e.: a program that people can use to create programs, write code etc...) The features I want to implement, ...
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Are fanarts, fansongs, etc not illegal? Then why aren't they being taken down?

Youtube is plagued by works of this kind: Deviantart is plagued by works of this kind:
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Can fan art containing the IP of superhero characters be sold?

Let's say it's illegal for anyone to sell fan art they drew of Deadpool online for $4,000 because it contains the intellectual property (IP) of the company Marvel Comics. But what if they drew a ...
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Website cloning is legal?

Is using CSS, Javascript, HTML, or images from other websites on our website illegal because the contents may involve trademark or copyrighted assets? I am using lot of partial or full content from ...
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Do you have to give attribution if an image falls under Creative Commons?

Do you have to give attribution if an image falls under Creative Commons? Let's say you're sharing it on social media and you're not getting money out of it. Is it fair use even if you don't credit ...
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Do I need to give credit to the original writer if I rewrote something in my own words?

Situation Suppose I have built a computer program which fetches articles from websites, rewrites them and posts them. Since I'm rewriting the article I think copyright law is not violated since ...
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Movie footage and fair use for a video review

Thousands of people review movies daily on services such as YouTube. Most of these are by independent, unfunded individuals. So, I doubt those individuals have permission from movies' copyright ...
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