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The deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy.

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Is it legal to have an abortion in another state or abroad?

Alabama passed new laws recently, making abortion a very limited option. In that context is it legal for a US national who lives in Alabama to have an abortion in another state where it is legal in ...
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Durability of Federal legislation protecting abortion rights in US

Recently the Supreme Court of the United States, through Dobbs, has restored the right of States to prohibit abortion. Supporters of reproductive freedoms have since renewed calls upon Congress to ...
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Does double jeopardy apply to the Texas abortion bill?

Suppose Alice performs an abortion, and Bob files a suit based on Texas SB8. Can Charlie also file a suit against her? Could a million people file suits asking for $10k each?
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Can you sue yourself under the TX anti-abortion law?

The text of Sec. 171.208. CIVIL LIABILITY FOR VIOLATION OR AIDING OR ABETTING VIOLATION. reads (emph. mine) (a) Any person, other than an officer or employee of a state or local governmental entity ...
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Are foreign consulates located in the United States considered foreign territory when it comes to abortion laws?

My friend and I got into a debate whether a woman could step into a foreign consulate, take an abortion pill, then leave without fear of prosecution if abortion is illegal in the State where she ...
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Is there any branch of the law, where a foetus is given legal personality separate to that of the mother?

If the rights or wrongs of abortion are a judicial matter rather than political, central to it would seem to be the question of what defines a "person". Critical to the idea that abortion ...
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Could a state prohibit its residents from obtaining abortions in other states?

Could a state prevent its residents from having abortions in other states/countries?
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If Roe is overturned, could Congress still protect abortion rights?

If the Supreme Court does decide to overturn Roe and leave abortion up to the states, would passing the Women's Health Protection Act allow Congress to pre-empt any state laws prohibiting abortion, or ...
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Which state jurisdictions apply on board a US aircraft in flight?

If an aircraft is in flight in the airspace above a US state, say Texas, does Texas state law, or potentially the laws of any other US states, apply to the passengers on board during that time, or is ...
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Was it double homicide?

A person is accused of two counts of murder, because the victim was a pregnant woman. The lawyer representing the defense makes the proposal that it couldn't be two, because legally, only one death ...
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Is an illegal abortion a Malum in Se offense or a Malum Prohibitum offense?

Anglo-American Common Law generally divides criminal offenses into two categories. Malum in Se offenses are inherently wrong. This includes traditional offenses such as Murder, Robbery, and Assault. ...
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Does Texas S.B. 8 actually "ban abortion"? [closed]

Note: I voted to close my own question. I agree, the way I asked it was too opinion-based. I've not read the Texas statute exhaustively, but as far I understand, it is not a criminal statute. ...
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