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Cps involvement with physical assault of Mother only [closed]

My husband had a history of physically assaulting me. I haven’t reported it up until recently and cps became involved (again) and I was able to avoid them being involved (provided UA and met with them)...
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How does the Spanish legal system determine cases of vicarious abuse?

According to this article in Spanish, the Spanish legal system recognizes instances of vicarious violence (violencia vicaria) in cases in which a person abuses or even kills their child in order to ...
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What type of psychological abuse must a mandated reporter in NY state report as domestic abuse?

If a worker of a medical or psychiatric facility suspects psychological abuse rising to the level of constituting domestic violence or has reasonable cause to suspect such by a parent of their adult ...
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UK - Can an executor evict a mentally ill family member engaging in elder abuse?

What are possible options does an executor havve to evict an abusive daughter currently abusing her elderly (possibly senile) mother? Suppose that these key facts are true: The daughter has a history ...
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What are the processes and requirements for obtaining a restraining order against an abusive family member in Florida?

I want to obtain a protective bubble of distance around myself that could be enforced in case this person who has done many terrible things to me comes within any certain vicinity. Does this require ...
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Intention to commit violent domestic abuse but failing?

This is not US-specific, I'm in Europe, but more general for all Western legal systems. I just read and something struck me - intention is ...
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What legal actions can I take to prevent my abusive parents from stalking and harassing my family?

My parents were abusive when I was a child. I took legal action at age 11 and put an end the physical abuse. I moved out at age 15 and am now 20. My parents have not stopped trying to contact me. I ...
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In the United States, can I sue my ex significant other for turning me gay?

Suppose that a person A happily entered a mutually romantic heterosexual relationship with another adult B and after suffering through three years of daily abuse, deliberate cruelty and elaborate ...
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Are Parent-to-Child death threats legal exceptions?

Is it legal for a parent to make a death threat to their child verbally, to "keep them in line"? Is a parent threatening a child with death an exception, if they said it was "from love ...
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Why is only physical abuse illegal, but not other forms of abuse? [closed]

In my understanding, there are 4 forms of psychological abuse: physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, economical abuse. However, only physical abuse is illegal, and thus can be intervened. But,...
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