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What kinds of injuries are covered by Social Security?

I am injured (by sports injury) but was called schizophrenic. I am a bartender, otherwise I will not take fraud as income. For this I looked into the 2018 National Beneficiary Survey (next one ...
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California: A mechanic serviced Bob's car, has it in his shop, and verbally agreed to buy it from him. Is Bob liable for accidents before it's sold?

TL;DR Bob took his car in to a mechanic (M). After M worked on it, Bob decided to sell it to him. It's currently in his shop but it'll take Bob over two weeks to sign over the title. In the meantime, ...
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If I cause a crash can I delete my dash cam footage?

If I am driving a car and get into a crash that is 100% my fault can I rip my dash cam down and delete the footage or completely refuse to give the footage to anyone or am I legally required to ...
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Can a hit and run victim sue the car owner for not having insurance?

An adult driver hit-and-ran someone who found the car later at the driver's mom's house. Her son had been driving but she owned the car. She talked to the police and gave them the insurance card, ...
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How to get current insurance information from car owner of son's hit-and-run charges

A month ago I had a hit-and-run on my property and car, and a few hours later they were found at his mother's house. Car owned by mother, driver is her adult son. Mother finally gave investigating ...
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In Switzerland, is accident insurance legally required to have medical care vetted by a third-party doctor?

I work in Switzerland, so I'm legally required to have accident insurance. I had a bicycle accident about three months ago and sustained a few injuries, including an ongoing rotator cuff problem for ...
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