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Questions tagged [accident]

An unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury.

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What compensation can be claimed in case of a road accident resulting death in Denmark?

The victim was on the way to work in a cycle, travelling in the cycle lane when got hit by a truck and died immediately. What compensation would the family be entitled to and claim (either from ...
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Street cleaning in France led to broken leg - Can City be sued?

My brother is Irish (thus EU citizen) he moved to Nice, France earlier this year to work in a bar restaurant. He finished work at 530am, street cleaners were out (Nice City power wash/clean many ...
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Source of compensation in an accident Involving an under-insured motorist

Background I was the victim of an auto accident and the other driver was found to be 100% at fault. The other driver's auto insurance bodily injury liability coverage and property damage liability ...
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Foreseen consequences of accidents caused during a fully driverless service

Waymo has just opened its fully driverless service to the general public in Phoenix. What happens if such a car crosses the red light and causes a deadly crash? Who and what punishment will be given ...
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In Switzerland, is accident insurance legally required to have medical care vetted by a third-party doctor?

I work in Switzerland, so I'm legally required to have accident insurance. I had a bicycle accident about three months ago and sustained a few injuries, including an ongoing rotator cuff problem for ...
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Not at fault vehicle accident - can I refuse to allow the car to be written off?

This is a simplified/fictionalized event to help me understand the law/my rights. If jurisdiction matters, I am in New Zealand. I have a vehicle which has sentimental value to me in excess of its ...
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Liability of a drug addict and alcoholic having a accident in a rented car

Let's say In the United States there is a person with a drug and alcohol problem. The person goes to rent a truck from Home Depot for a few days. The person then gets involved in a drunk driving ...
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