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Can I sue the producer and/or the state TV for not acknowledging me?

When I was a child I turned on the TV and decided to watch cartoons. I found out Pat and Mat has not been on the conductor for a while. So I called the call center of the state broadcast. I didn't ...
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What would happen if you entered a building and didn’t leave because you didn’t think the person there was the owner?

Imagine you come across a building in a public place with some signs on it and an unlocked door. The signs make it seem like a shop or activity center rather than saying anything like “Keep Out”. You ...
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What is the legal meaning of "I certify that XYZ"

What are the legal implications of clicking acknowledge below the following statement: "By clicking acknowledge below, I certify that I am not a resident of XYZ." The context for this, if it ...
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Is an offer of a discount an acknowledgement of guilt of negligence and misconduct?

I have the following excerpt: I have looked at the bills related to the service calls and can offer discount. This party is being sued for negligence and misconduct in providing services. However, ...
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Risks of requiring payment acknowledgment when requiring release without payment

Suppose Acme Co does something which damages Bob, and Bob files suit. Acme Co’s attorney Allen approaches Bob in person, admitting that Acme is liable and offering to pay $X as well as take steps ...
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Software acknowledgement exposure

I am developing a commercial consumer product and around 90 percent of the development is software related. Maybe even more to be completely honest. Some components of my software uses open source ...
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Customer feedback gathering in Australia

Is it legal to provide an independent platform/system to the public, so that they can write feedback directly on different companies/products in the market? Example: Is it legal for company ABC to ...
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If you sign a signature pad, without seeing what it's for, is it binding?

You sign something on a signature pad, and only after you've signed it, receive the printed statement with the full statement which you've supposedly acknowledged prior to signing, but have never ...
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