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A judgement or verdict that a person is not guilty of the crime with which they have been charged.

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Why does Art. 103 of the German Basic Law forbid a second trial after an acquittal?

The German Constitutional Court (Bundesverfassungsgerichts) recently ruled that a second trial (due to new evidence) after a previous acquittal violates the German constitution: BVerfG urteilt zur ...
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Does due process require that the grounds for a conviction can be substantiated? [closed]

Update 1: This question pertains specifically to law in the United States of America, more specifically criminal law. However, I reason it may be applicable to the law of other lands. Update 2: The ...
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Can previous crimes that one was found "not guilty" of be used against them?

Carl the criminal robs a store as his first crime. Somehow, he is found not guilty of this (the 12 jurors do not unanimously agree on his guilt). After walking free, he immediately goes back to the ...
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If a defendant is found guilty, they can usually appeal to a higher court. Is the plaintiff appealing an acquittal also allowed?

Say Adam the accuser is taking Dave the Defendant to court. If Dave loses in his local district, I've heard that he can appeal the decision and be re-tried in a higher court (all the way to the ...
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Is everyone who is acquitted in a criminal trial "acquitted with prejudice"?

If someone is charged with a crime, acquitted, then charged again for the same crime, that is unconstitutional double jeopardy. Since when a lawsuit is dismissed with prejudice, it means the plaintiff ...
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Can a judge acquit an obviously innocent person who insists on a jury trial?

Jane Doe is charged with a crime. She is obviously innocent, but in court, she insists on a jury trial. Can a judge ignore her demand and acquit her without a jury?
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What legal basis existed or may have been argued in defence, as to why the "Colston Four" should be acquitted?

In this weeks UK news, we read that the Colston Four were acquitted. For those unaware, these were four individuals who played an active role during BLM protests, in pulling down and dumping in the ...
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Argument on possible defamation after court acquittal

I have been discussing some reporting of a high-profile trial with some colleagues. We disagree on one point. Background: High-profile figure acquitted by a Scottish court of a number of sexual ...
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Can Canadian trial judges set aside a jury's verdict of acquittal?

Not long ago I learned that the Crown can appeal from verdicts of acquittal in Canada, unlike prosecutors in the U.S. I once thought that the reason why U.S. judges cannot set aside a jury's verdict ...
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