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The legal process by which a person legally becomes a child of the adoptive parent(s) and legally ceases to be a child of his/her existing parent(s).

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Can an adult sponsor a minor to enable emancipation without adopting them?

I've tried googling this, but I'm not sure how to phrase it in a way that would catch the right legal terms. As I understand it, in some states in the US, a minor (i.e. younger than 18) who is at ...
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Is it perjury to report not being a parent if one has an adopted child?

A person is on the witness stand. He has an adopted child under 18 but no biological kids. He is asked if he is a parent. He says no. Did he commit perjury?
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Can a company adopt a child?

With apologies for the (only somewhat) click-bait title, in an answer to another question (see this answer) the statement Typically the only thing a legal entity that is not a natural person cannot ...
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Any legal challenges for a wife in same-sex couple to adopt a child?

Situation: a married same sex lesbian couple chooses to have a child, by using a sperm donor (this is USA, state is unknown for sure but let's say PA or NY). From what I understand, the standard ...
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Where to find a European or American law that says children have right to know who their biological parents are?

I have heard that there is a law somewhere in American or European legal systems that says children have a right to know who their biological parents are. Where can I find such a law and its details?
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Court order to obtain US death certificate [closed]

My father was born in England and adopted as a young child. He never knew who his real parents were. I have recently found out who his mother and father were using DNA tests. I have obtained his ...
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Adoption niece and uncle marriage

Im needing some advice for my sister who is dead set on trying to figure out a way to try to marry her fiancee who is her uncle. But my sister is 29 yrs old and she was adopted in tx at 17 and ive ...
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Adopted "Sisters" trying to get married

My partner and I, now 22, were adopted together when we were 12. The adoption agency believed we were very "sisterly" towards each other and encouraged our adoptive parents to accept both of us into ...
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Document stating a person's ability to be an adoptive parent in Ireland

the opinion of a competent authority of the State of nationality of your husband, on his living conditions and his ability to be an adoptive parent; the permission of a competent authority of the ...
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Does the father have the rights to keep the baby that the mother wants adopted?

So, I was watching an "E.R." episode, and they had this bit of dialog between a doctor who's pregnant and trying to have the child adopted when born; and adoption agency person (being "ER", the ...
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