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If one was groomed as a child, can they be found innocent as an adult?

Dave the Dad is the father of Bob the boy. Dave groomed Bob to murder minorities from a young age. If Bob went on to murder some minority at age 12, Bob wouldn't just be given consequences like some ...
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Is it illegal for an adult to contact a minor asking for parent info?

By an ex-friend's parent I was sent a message saying “remove this video and have a parent contact me, if not I will find a parent contact and tell them what things you are posting”. What I posted was ...
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Could an adult theoretically use a laptop while driving in Oregon if it was controlling an amateur radio station?

ORS 811.507 seems to indicate that an adult with an amateur radio license could legally use a laptop while driving, as long as it was used solely to control an amateur radio station. Obviously this is ...
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What is the law about adults dating a minor?

Say that a guy was dating this girl since he was a junior in high school and at the time she was a freshman. Say that they stayed together over the years and he is now 18 and graduated. Is this ...
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