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Can you use force to make your way when someone is trying to stop you without legal right to do so?

Suppose you are walking on a public land and there are no legal restrictions to you doing it. Suddenly someone appears on your way and says you can't walk here. They are not a law enforcement officer ...
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Any lawful reason preventing a tenant claiming squatters' rights at the end of their tenancy agreement with the ultimate aim of adverse possession?

Prompted by this question. As per the title: is there any lawful reason preventing a former tenant from playing the long-game to obtain adverse possession via squatters' rights?
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Can tenants claim adverse possession during a rent or eviction moratorium?

If there is a rent or eviction moratorium in place for an extended period in a particular jurisdiction, so that tenants are not paying rent, can they eventually acquire adverse possession? By "a ...
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My fence is almost 2 feet inside my property line. Can my neighbour restrict me from accessing that 2 feet in Ontario Canada

The fence was here when I bought. My neighbour bought just after me. We haven’t been here a year yet. She just had her property surveyed and the fence is inside my property line. My property actually ...
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Can adverse possession be used on land that IS registered?

Adverse possession is normally talked about in terms of finding and claiming land for which there is no registered ownership. Around us, a lot of land is listed as registered by the local council ...
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Adverse Possession Law: Two Properties

Can one acquire by the law of adverse possession two different buildings with two different lot numbers and owners that are commercial buildings?
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Can one claim adverse possession by simply securing an existing boundary in England?

A small (.5Acre) plot of land sits adjacent to our property boundary, officially designated "grazing land" it is in practice wild scrubby, sometime-flooded ground that sits between our ...
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