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Is it fraudulent for an extension like adblock to still count as an ad impression for content creators

tl;dr: A Programmer writes a web browser Extension to download ads but not display them. The effect is that Sites accessed through this extension get to charge Advertisers for the ad being served, ...
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What standards must US ISPs currently uphold in the quality of their speed and ping?

I'm curious. After a generous amount of googling, I couldn't find any laws or codes from the FCC regarding the standards of quality regarding internet speed and access. What laws are currently in ...
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Can the original price mentioned in a discount be anything?

I wonder whether when a business advertises a sale or discount, the displayed original price can be anything, or it has to be the actual price when there is no discount. Example on Groupon: or ...
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Is it legal to voluntarily cause a competitor's product to work badly in order to sell yours as a better product?

About 15 years ago (some time between 2008 and 2010), back when I was still using Internet Explorer on Windows XP, I was browsing a very lightweight website which was working super smoothly, and ...
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To what extent can a company sponsor the military?

In the show "Space Force", the underfunded branch of the military makes a sponsorship deal with a company in order to raise some funds, where the general participates in a commercial and ...
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Are there any rules in California that govern what space can be counted as "living area" by agents when advertising property?

It seems that County Assessors under livable square footage use only legally permitted area. And Assessors use it to determine property taxes. However, are there any laws in California that would ...
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Can companies be held liable for people attempting to imitate advertising stunts?

I own a small apparel company that operates an e-commerce shop. Our target demographic is young adults, and as such our brand and marketing material features an edgy and cool style. A lot of our ...
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Is ad blocking assistive technology?

Say I run a website. I put ads on my website to make money. I program the web site to refuse service to people who do not actually display the ads, since they make me no money. Then I have a user come ...
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Is it legal to advertise a service as 'free' if they collect data?

I noticed that a lot of companies label themselves as 'free' even though they collect personal data (which in today's day and age is practically a currency in and of itself). I was wondering how/if it'...
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Can a medical provider be paid to display some advertisement for medical services/treatments/products in their office?

Can a medical provider be paid to display some advertisement for medical services/treatments/products in their office? If so, does the medical provider have to disclose that they had received ...
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Can you advertise against another product using domain names?

Suppose your competitor is about to release a product. Can you technically build a website with a domain name that includes their product name, such as www.better-than-...
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Is it legal to restrict rental advertisement to local principles only?

Being a landlord, I discovered years ago that there are a lot of marketers trying to sell lead lists posing as someone who is relocating. The problem is this, my rentals are in a tiny town that no-one,...
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Advertise how many employees you have on a low budget

Say (in order to seem like a more established company) someone wants to advertise "We have over 100+ employees!".(but wants to avoid false advertising!) But the company has a budget of only $1000 a ...
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How does false advertisment regulation apply to games claiming your IQ is determined by your success in the game?

I've seen a number of mobile game advertisements which will hover an IQ score above the game with it going up or down based off of rather the player makes a correct move in the game. While they don't ...
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Can I use photos from my current job to promote my own business?

I am self employed but work for a company that does seawalls. I am the foreman and do all the work with the help of one or more of my boss' employees. Can I take a picture of the work I do for him ...
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Is it legal to post a job opening that the company has no intention of filling?

This survey talks about the concept of "ghost jobs", job postings that the company leaves open for longer than necessary or doesn't actually intend to fill. I'm curious about the second one, ...
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Can you put your YouTube handle on a passenger vehicle

I have a friend who is just starting an outdoor travel YouTube channel with the intention of making money. They are not currently registered as an LLC (or anything). Their camera and video editing ...
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