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Why are manufacturers allowed to make false claims about memory capacity of thumbdrives?

I have a number of thumb drives and hard drives. One hard drive I bought was said to be 2TB but its actual capacity is about 1.8 TB. A couple of thumb drives I got say they are 16 GB but on the back ...
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How does a paid endorser avoid conflicts of interest?

Suppose you are a blogger and you write about the products and services of Company X. You are being paid by Company X to do this. How do you avoid conflicts of interest in the process? I would ...
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What recourse do I have against commercial use of my image?

Somebody took photos of my wife on a treadmill at a gym without her permission. One of those photos appeared a week later in the local paper in an advertisement for a car dealership. Subsequently my ...
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How to properly add creator information when the art work is done with other companies' logo?

For a straightforward example, I would like to add a watermark on all the pictures hosted on my website, but at the same time, some images have other companies' logos and other text. Sure I don't own ...
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Cheated by business with fake positive reviews

I wanted to hire service of a hypnotherapist for a personal issue and looked up online in my area and found one based on the reviews on Google. The therapist recommended 10 weeks program and charged ...
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GDPR liability for data that is no longer under the developer's control

Let's say AdMob is used in a mobile app. AdMob collects data and transfers it to Google. There is no longer any access possible to the data by the developer. Is the app creator liable for Google's ...
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