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Use when an adult's age is critical to the point of law being discussed.  For questions about children in relation to family-law use the "Children" tag, and for those concerning the legal rights and responsibilities of young humans in general use the "minor" tag.

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Can e-mail addresses be considered PII under US law?

Let's say a private e-mail address used by a senior citizen (in WA) is provided to a company (also operating in WA). Assume the address is unique to the citizen's use of the company's services. No ...
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At what age can one live alone (in Greece)?

In Greece, how old do you have to be to move out and live alone (by which I mean that you could buy your own home, or even move to another country for the rest of your life)?
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Fiction featuring illegal elements

I am working on a work of (historical) fiction, where an important element for plot and audience experience is a sexual encounter with an underaged person. I plan to publish this work worldwide, but ...
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In Alabama, USA can someone 18 years old get on a plane without parents permission?

My son, who will turn 18 this month said he wants to meet a girl he met online who lives in Indonesia. I said no, because even though he'll be 18 soon he is definitely no adult enough yet to travel to ...
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Is it "reasonable" to discriminate on the basis of "experience" in employment (anti-discrimination law)

Anti-discrimination statutes in most Western jurisdictions prohibit a broad range of age discrimination in employment. So far as I can see, most statutes of this kind draw a distinction between ...
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