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Passport requirements for travel between a US territory and a US state

I am trying to find out what US law says about foreign travelers flying between US territories and the "mainland." For example, flying from Guam to Hawaii or from Puerto Rico to Florida. 8 ...
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Can you legally have an (unloaded) black powder revolver in your carry-on luggage?

Part I of "Annoying the TSA" For good reason, U.S. law forbids people from carrying firearms on planes. However, last I checked, black powder "antique weapons" (such as cap-and-...
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4 votes
2 answers

Destroying the TSA's equipment

So let's say that you were detained by the TSA on your way out of the US. They demand your phone password and you give it too them. Now when they attempt to plug your phone, you phone breaks their ...
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If a misdemeanor crime happens on a plane, where is the jurisdiction?

If a misdemeanor crime happens during a plane flight, where is the jurisdiction? For example, suppose a plane is flying from New York to California and while the plane is flying over Idaho, one ...
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Is the China balloon breaking any laws?

It's reported in the news that China have sent a balloon over America. Some say it's a spy camera and some say it's a weather balloon. Has China broken any American or international laws, such as ...
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I committed a crime against the Weapons Act in Germany - Can I travel there?

I bought a butterfly knife in Poland (where it is legal) and had an overnight stop in Germany. I checked my bags out from the airport that night, then checked them back in the morning. The knife was ...
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European Air Passenger rights - Must airline pay?

Short story: Air Berlin went on strike last October - we got home 15hours later - Air Berlin have said euro air passenger rights penalty/rewards are optional, they also said flight was cancelled due ...
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Who ordered the masks in American airports?

I'm travelling recently for the first time in a while. I understand the scope of the mask orders: in the airports and on the planes. What confuses me is what authority ordered it and where does that ...
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