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Is the inability to bypass a duty free shopping area in UK airports a violation of the Equality Act?

In many airports in the United Kingdom, passengers are required to walk straight through a duty free shop (as in straight through it, not alongside its entrance) to get to the departure gates after ...
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If a misdemeanor crime happens on a plane, where is the jurisdiction?

If a misdemeanor crime happens during a plane flight, where is the jurisdiction? For example, suppose a plane is flying from New York to California and while the plane is flying over Idaho, one ...
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What if your cargo accidentally becomes a weapon while on a plane?

As far as I know, it is illegal for passengers to have weapons on a plane. Usually you need clearance to bring it as cargo as well. What if you accidentally make a weapon while on a plane? For ...
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Flight company cancelled flight and didn't provide alternative - should they refund my new (more expensive) ticket?

Through Opodo, I bought a flight ticket from Münster to Oslo on 8 July, via München. It was a Lufthansa flight. On 4 July Opodo e-mailed me that Lufthansa cancelled the flight. I should wait up to 48 ...
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What international laws were broken by Belarus diverting a flight to arrest someone?

Belarus has been in the news for diverting a civilian airliner flying in their airspace (but not from or to Belarus) to arrest a prominent opposition activist. What laws were broken? My understanding ...
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What determines the pertinent regulations on the sale of products and services to passengers in international flight?

I hope someone can help. I am conducting research and have been looking at the Chicago and Tokyo conventions with respect to which convention governs the sale of goods and services to passengers when ...
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Did any airline successfully sue a passenger for hidden city ticketing?

I sometimes see articles about airlines suing around for hidden city ticketing, e.g. see: An airline is suing a customer who skipped a leg of his flight to save money (mirror). Did any airline ...
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Are major online travel agencies violating CE 80/2009?

Many online travel agencies let you book a flight, but they offer only the lowest fare (for ex. Economy Light). On airline websites there often are higher fares (for ex. Economy Basic, Economy Basic ...
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Is there any legal principle supporting the refund of plane tickets sold to non-existent person?

The names below have been changed to protect the guilty. Suppose John Smith goes online to buy plane tickets for himself and his wife, Jane Maiden Smith. Due to human error and browser autocomplete, ...
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Can a company be both an airplane manufacturer and an airline?

It may be advantageous for a company that manufactures its own aircraft to also be an airline. For example, the airline business would likely have reduced maintenance and parts costs relative to other ...
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Is this airline violating the Montreal Convention?

According to the Montreal Convention, I can read the following: Article 17 - 2. The carrier liable for damage sustained in case of destruction or loss of, or of damage to, checked ...
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In Alabama, USA can someone 18 years old get on a plane without parents permission?

My son, who will turn 18 this month said he wants to meet a girl he met online who lives in Indonesia. I said no, because even though he'll be 18 soon he is definitely no adult enough yet to travel to ...
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Are airlines only allowed to sell roundtrip tickets to individuals who want travel to the United States under the Visa Waiver Program?

Assume that the airline is amongst the Signatory Visa Waiver Program carriers (mirror). The Visa Waiver Program Carrier Agreement (CBP Form I-775) that such an airline must sign to be part of the ...
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Airline downgrade rights and compensation

Based on the close votes, I'm rephrasing the question to make it more general and less specific to my case How can one calculate compensation amount for a airline downgrade and what laws/rules etc. ...
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