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What are the drinking age laws in Germany?

I've always heard stories that in Germany, there is no drinking age. I know that in the United States, it is 21. Alcohol can cause health risks for underage children, so it would seem weird to allow ...
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Is it illegal to ride a drunk horse?

Tedd owns a riding horse. One day, Tedd notices that his horse has somehow gotten itself drunk. Tedd has someplace where he needs to be, so he saddles up his drunken horse and rides to his ...
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Is there any way to legally sleep in your car while drunk?

As I understand it, if one is found inside one's car with the keys while drunk, even if asleep, one is as guilty of drunk driving as if one was actually driving. If one finds oneself over the limit, ...
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Has anyone been prosecuted in the US because a minor consumed alcohol for religious purposes?

Has anyone been prosecuted because a minor drank alcohol for religious purposes, such as sacramental wine used for the Eucharist/Communion in some Christian denominations? This could be either the ...
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Why don't alcohol laws contradict the constitution?

Why don't alcohol laws contradict the constitution (or other laws in some cases, like in the example below, because The Age Discrimination Act is not part of the constitution)? I think it is age ...
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What does Section 2 of the 21st Amendment to the US Constitution do?

Section 2 of Amendment 21 to the US Constitution says the following: The transportation or importation into any State, Territory, or possession of the United States for delivery or use therein of ...
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Sleeping in a car whilst intoxicated

If a person were to go out drinking, head back to their car, leave the keys on the front seat, the engine off and get in the back to sleep it off, would they have comitted an offense? There appears ...
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Can I transport jello shots?

A party is coming up and I wanted to make jello shots for it. I was then worried about open container laws. If I transport jello shots in a sealed Tupperware container in my trunk, could I get in ...
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Is it legal to pretend to be drunk?

There is a famous joke that goes like this: There is a huge crowd drinking in a pub in the outskirts of a small town. A police car waits in hiding nearby, to catch anyone who tries to drive away ...
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Drinking (alcohol) in the passenger seat/backseat of a car/taxi in the States

My question is a fairly simple one, but consists of multiple clauses: Is it legal for you to drink in a car if you are not the person driving it? Is there (and if there is, what is it) a difference ...
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Is selling alcohol from one individual to another for profit illegal without a license?

Consider this scenario: Joe works at a liquor store. Shortly before the store closes a potential customer calls in, and asks if Joe could purchase the products so that the customer can buy it off him ...
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What would be required to establish probable cause for an arrest and charge for obstruction of justice?

This question asked is it legal to pretend to be drunk? A potential charge of obstruction of justice was suggested in one of the answers. What would be required to meet a reasonable standard of ...
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Why aren't alcoholic extracts considered alcoholic beverages?

Why are some alcoholic liquids allowed to be sold without restrictions, while others are taxed and illegal to sell or serve to anyone under the legal drinking age? Examples of "exempt" alcohol: ...
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