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Can BAC (blood alcohol content) be interpolated for DUI/DWI criminal prosecution?

It is common for a statutory BAC (blood alcohol content) level to determine whether the operator of a motor vehicle is guilty of Driving Under the Influence (DUI, which in some states is called DWI ...
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Arrested in Georgia for a DUI with an out of state drivers license

It is my understanding that if you are arrested for a DUI in Georgia and you have a Georgia driver's license you have to attend a ALS hearing or having your driver's license suspended. Am I right ...
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What determines the pertinent regulations on the sale of products and services to passengers in international flight?

I hope someone can help. I am conducting research and have been looking at the Chicago and Tokyo conventions with respect to which convention governs the sale of goods and services to passengers when ...
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What would be required to establish probable cause for an arrest and charge for obstruction of justice?

This question asked is it legal to pretend to be drunk? A potential charge of obstruction of justice was suggested in one of the answers. What would be required to meet a reasonable standard of ...
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Who is responsible if a minor drinks alcohol leftover by a restaurant patron?

Let's say you walk into a restaurant and order a meal with some alcoholic beverages. At the end of the dinner you pay for your meal and exit the restaurant, leaving some leftover alcoholic drinks on ...
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Is there a law about mixing alcohol in eatables in India

I am considering starting a shack/small restaurant. I am considering adding items that will have alcohol mixed in them. What is the law around this in India? I am not considering selling alcohol. It ...
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Who is accountable for underage drinking when the alcohol is easily accessed by the public? (United Kingdom)

I live in the UK. A group of teenagers are able to access large quantities of alcohol from an unsecured area (out in the open) at the rear of a small shopping complex. Are there any UK regulations ...
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Alcohol discounts in VA

It has come to my attention that in some states such as Virginia, you may not be able to offer discounts on alcohol. Looking at the FAQ of a popular app that offers discounts at restaurants in VA I ...
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is a state-run monopoly a market participant?

Hypo: A state wishes to tax alcohol to raise revenue while at the same time protecting their local producers. They have settled on accomplishing this by prohibiting the sale of liquor in privately-...
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