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29 votes
2 answers

Is it legal in the USA to pay someone for their work if you don't know who they are?

Let's say you go on a freelancing platform and hire a designer to make a website for you. They never reveal their real name, photo or location and payment is requested via Bitcoin. The job completes ...
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0 answers

How to prevent legal issues when allowing anonymous users to upload arbitrary content?

A website like allows any anonymous user to upload arbitrary video/audio/file and convert it to another format. It seems to save the file temporarily for 2 hours before ...
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1 answer

Why is Mr. E (recent NZ rape convict) full name abbreviated in the appeal judgment?

It is common practice in the U.K. to anonymise sexual assault victims’ identities in court filings, but why in this NZ case are all the parties’ names apparently withheld?
1 vote
1 answer

"We only collect anonymized data". Roughly what are the limits of this?

Say a program that Bob is using asks to collect "anonymized data". Bob agrees. But roughly at what point is "anonymized" a false statement? If I have Bob's shopping habits, gendre, ...
2 votes
2 answers

A salt hashed with user password is anonymous data for GDPR?

I want to use a scheme to track the user in a anonymous way. My idea is to use the user password to hash a salt to create a identify hash and track the user through this. Theoretically, the only way ...
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2 answers

Do asylum seekers or those with a refugee status in the U.S. enjoy anonymity in any criminal charges?

This question is based on the reports on the attacker in Auckland, New Zealand who is currently prosecuted under an act of terrorism charge. “Neither his name nor the fact that he was a refugee could ...
5 votes
1 answer

Staying anonymous as a witness in Germany

Alice witnessed an altercation in a public park in which a knife was pulled, but nobody was hurt. The police were called, the offender fled the scene but stayed in the vicinity. Since Alice saw ...
3 votes
2 answers

When is pseudonymization insufficient in terms of GDPR compliance when storing and processing data for research purposes?

I am working on a project where data needs to be stored and kept for further processing. It's primarily for research purposes. I know that in order to be GDPR compliant, this data has to be anonymized....
1 vote
1 answer

Am I responsible of the personal data of a second degree user according to GDPR

Suppose we have an flight ticket booking system. As with many of these systems the account booking the ticket doesn't have to be the one using the ticket (i.e. you can book for someone else the ticket)...
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1 answer

Is identification of an employee by another employee restricted by GDPR? [closed]

Does GDPR require anonymization of user idents when used in testing and development? User idents will identify an employee by other employees because it's linked to login system. Outside of the ...