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Can earthquake insurance companies legally ask about "Other Insurance"?

California Earthquake Authority. §8 on Other Insurance says a. If there is other insurance that covers earthquake loss to the dwelling or other property covered under this policy,we will pay our ...
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Can Apple be found in violation of antitrust laws for Apple Music?

Spotify, Rdio, Pandora and certainly others that I haven't heard of are all competing for a spot on iOS while Apple's Music software is both bundled and cannot be uninstalled. Are there parallels here ...
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Software Packaging laws

When Microsoft packaged Internet Explorer with Windows, they were sued for antitrust violations. However, today every operating system has its own built-in browser, including ones by the companies ...
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Can consumer Bob be gagged about a suit against Big Co. revealing major antitrust and policy-driven fraud causing widespread public safety issues?

Bob is your average consumer having bought a vehicle that turns out to have been an undisclosed “lemon law buyback” without any branding. Big Co., from the get go, had no intention to be bound by the ...
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