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Digidyne v. Data General: how does this not legally protect Apple macOS running on non-Apple branded hardware?

I was just reading which discusses Digidyne v. Data General: When Data General introduced the Data General Nova, a company called ...
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Is it legal to voluntarily cause a competitor's product to work badly in order to sell yours as a better product?

About 15 years ago (some time between 2008 and 2010), back when I was still using Internet Explorer on Windows XP, I was browsing a very lightweight website which was working super smoothly, and ...
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Antitrust: when is it bundling, and when is it just a single product?

One issue often considered by anti-trust law is bundling: restraints of the form "you can buy A from me if and only if you also buy B from me". A particular historical concern has been that a dominant ...
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Italian rules on the co-occurrence of directors in competing companies

I would like to know whether in Italy there are laws preventing the co-occurrence of directors (executive and/or non-executive) in competing companies. I'm writing a paper on board interlocks (firms ...
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Bar to win a preliminary injunction to block an M&A deal

This is a thread of tweet about the bar FTC has to meet to block an M&A deal. My question is does this bar only apply to FTC? Is it the ...
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What does ‘common carrier obligations and duties mean’?

Lina Khan whilst still a law student at Yale Law School published an article in Yale Law Journal on applying competition law to Amazon titled Amazons Anti-Trust Paradox. The New York Times described ...
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Bus. & Prof. Code § 17100 provides penal provisions; can Bob files suit if non-lawyer?

It is typically a prerequisite of attorneys that only those with sufficient experience take on any cases relating to violations of Unfair Trade Practices and False Advertising (Bus. & Prof. Code § ...
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