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Has anyone ever been acquitted of trespassing or another crime because a property sign did not say "POSTED"?

It appears that the word "POSTED" on private property signs is, in some jurisdictions, legally significant. Has anyone ever been acquitted of trespassing, or any property owner lost a ...
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Is an employer required to provide full time sign interpreters to mute employees?

I visited a retailer and went through the self checkout till where I was assisted by a mute employee, who communicated with me through a sign interpreter whose job seemed to be to shadow and ...
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How far can cooperation between law enforcement and intelligence agencies go? This is report explaining that DEA was aided by NSA's surveillance system at the time they were persecuting a ...
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What does it mean for a hearing that has been listed to be “vacated”?

Does it more strongly suggest that it will have been dispensed with finally, or that it will be rescheduled/relisted for another date?
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Who is the data controller of footage taken on a retail worker’s personal phone?

An on-duty retail employee draws their personal smartphone while in uniform and commences recording a customer. Who is the data recorded and held/controlled by, for GDPR purposes? Does the customer ...
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How many people are charged and convicted for actions that are part of BDSM activities?

I was reading the answers to a questions I posted earlier, and I realized that my own question's assertion that BDSM activity "produces a sizeable risk" to the person doing the "S" ...
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What jurisdictions actually have barristers?

Does the entire Uk including Scotland and Northern Ireland draw the distinction? What about Canada? Australia? Other common law areas? Beyond (non common law areas)?