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Processes for judicial review of judicial decisions

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Can Prince Philip's will be unsealed before 2111?

His will was sealed for 90 years when he died, and the Guardian's appeal failed. Can someone else do a different appeal and get it unsealed? Is there any way it will be unsealed before the 90 years is ...
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Can a denied motion to intervene be appealed in itself?

From Wikipedia's article on intervention: Rule 24(b) provides for permissive intervention, which is subject to the discretion of the judge hearing the case. If the judge hearing the case denies a ...
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What California appellate court case is this call-privacy case?

I am looking for a case where a California appellate court made a factual analysis if the state's confidential communications statutes, Pen. Code § 632, et seq., was applicable where the call was too ...
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Can the trial court's jurisdiction over new trial motion be extended by itself on the basis the court "tolled statutory time limit" due to COVID-19?

This is a family court DV case in CA, which a trial was held and both parties prevailed in prosecution but failed in defense. After the trial, a party timely filed a new trial motion seeking a new ...
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Moneyless Winner wins at Small Claims Court. Loaded Loser appeals, but how can Winner protect against any adverse cost?

After commencing lawsuit at a forum where he could afford any adverse costs†, Impoverished Winner won. But the moneyed Loser can afford, and appeals to, a court that can award costs. Winner doesn't ...
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Does self-incrimination give way to improving credibility to a court

Take this bizarre scenario, a husbands His wife calls the police on him one afternnon cause he wont leave their marital residence. Police arrive and see a mark on his arm, asked him who did that, ...
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