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Questions tagged [arkansas]

Questions concerning the laws, criminal justice system, civil court procedures and related topics specific to the state of Arkansas.

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If my neighbor hires a contractor to repair a shared fence without telling me, am I liable to help pay for it?

So, during one of the tornadoes in March of this year, the shared fence between my property and my neighbor's property was destroyed. My neighbor is a realty company that rents out the single-family ...
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What are the minimum requirements for obtaining joint custody in Arkansas? [closed]

State: Arkansas. A parent wishes to obtain joint custody for a 3-year-old child. What are the minimum requirements for the following: Apartment: Is it necessary for a parent to have a 2-bedroom ...
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What is the minimum age to allow a child to ride in a forward facing back seat?

State: Arkansas For purposes of this question, "a forward facing car seat" means the same car seat, just turned around. I called the state police, and they told me that car seats must be ...
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Is parent allowed to use child support money on himself/herself in Arkansas?

State Arkansas: Parent “A” works full time. Parent “B” is unemployed. “A” and “B” are divorced. “A” pays $1,000 in child support to “B” monthly. Joint custody, week on week off. Parent “B” spends $1,...
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Does work related child care expense go as a debit or credit in Arkansas?

I am fully employed, and my ex-husband is unemployed. We have a 50/50 custody. In the Arkansas Child Support Form: I Ex-husband Line 3: Parents Share ...
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Is there any law saying the all in-kind benefits must be reported as income for child support calculation?

I’m a fully employed divorced person living in Arkansas. My ex-spouse is unemployed, however, he’s getting his rent paid by some organization, and all other fees paid by someone else. My ex-spouse ...
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What is “cost of work related child care expenses” and “child rearing expenses” in Arkansas?

I and my ex have a 50/50 joint custody in Arkansas. I have child one week, and then he has the child for one week. I pay to my ex $1,000 a month in child support, because I work full time and my ex is ...
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Can I change attorney ad litem? [closed]

I’m in a custody battle in Arkansas. We still have 10 months until the final date of court. Our attorney ad litem appointed for our 2 year old daughter is extremely biased against me. I can feel it ...
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Is it legal to record someone else's call in Arkansas if that recording is then never used?

I looked up Arkansas law and it says it's illegal to record someone else's call if you are not a part of that call and you didn't get at least one person's consent.
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How is it legal that my college does not have any "co-ed" dorms on campus and they only allow "male-only" and "female-only" dorms?

I go to a Private, Christian college in Arkansas, and I feel as the college should not require students to be separated strictly by gender. I understand visitation rules and such, but I feel like ...
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AR Code § 21-8-402 (2018)

I am concerned the wording that appears in 21-8-402 5.B.vii may be too vague. Included below for your convenience. (vii) (a) Anything with a value of one hundred dollars ($100) or less. (...
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Does the FMLA cover mental health visits for franchise employees?

I have a friend who's tried to commit suicide a couple of times. He works at a fast food franchise that insists on scheduling him during the only time he can go visit with a counselor. I know FMLA ...
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Will Arkansas's new abortion law prevent out-of-state abortions?

There's been a lot of discussion lately on this new abortion law: My understanding (as a ...
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Discriminatory practices for tobacco use?

This is kind of a tricky question, or situation rather. (TLDR-skip to bold) I am a clerk at a retail establishment that sales cigarettes, as well as food and home products. My main job duty is ...
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Is there a law in Arkansas requiring foster children be adopted together, rather than individually?

I am currently a foster parent in Arkansas. One foster child lives with me, and the other three live with other foster parents. We're not sure yet, but it looks like the parents' rights will be ...
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