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Can an AI model licensed under the BigScience RAIL License v1.0 be used in a program that is useful for any domain?

Example: the AI model BLOOM is licensed under the BigScience RAIL License v1.0. The BigScience RAIL License v1.0 forbids that some types of usages: You agree not to use the Model or Derivatives of ...
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As a provider of deep synthesis services hosted in the US but have customers based in China, must I make sure that my service contains watermarks?

I read on; Providers of deep synthesis services shall add signs that do not affect the use of ...
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Are an AI's claims on behalf of a company enforceable?

TLDR: If an AI system on behalf of a company makes a claim, is the company compelled to abide by that claim? Background: I was hoping to sign up for an account with a leading AI company in order to ...
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Chat AI is reproducing unlicensed code from a website verbatim: what can the original author do about it?

Let's pressume that a chat-based AI, for certain queries/prompts involving specific phrases, is reproducing, verbatim, code that was placed on a publicly accessible website. The code on the website ...
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Is it possible to prove copyright infringement when artificial intelligence is used?

If there are two significantly similar pieces of fiction, but no word to word sentences, is it possible to use artificial intelligence to prove the similarities ( or reverse engineer in the case ...
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Can someone replicate and freely use anyone's voice using AI?

Suppose person A offers paid voiceover services, and is a popular voiceover artist. Person B wants person A's voice for their revenue-generating internet video projects, because they know it will ...
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What's the license for speech files generated from real speech files and do I owe anything to the original speaker?

I'd like to artificially generate speech file using some real speech files. E.g., I have 100h of speech files where Bob is talking, and I'll artificially generate speech files that sounds just like ...
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What imaginative detours could be taken to get around the legal impossibility for an AI to be a legal entity?

I was reading about corporations and trusts and came to wonder how one could use existing legal tools to allow a robot to be as "autonomous" as possible. I imagine a foundation or non-profit ...
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Is it a copyright violation to use (C) texts I legally own to train an A.I.?

Let's use J.K. Rowlings and Shakespeare as an example. I want to train an A.I. to produce stories that look like a mix of both author's styles. The real example should use over 40 different authors, ...
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I want to transfer ownership of my AI startup LLC to my AI. How would this change the legal / corperate dynamics (litigations, taxes, etc)?

Assume the AI is sufficiently intelligent to run a company and perform many of the intellectual tasks humans do (though this might be irrelevant to the legal question). This question is based on Can ...
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Who if anyone owns copyright of algorithmically produced works?

The image below is generated in real time by a Generative Adversarial Network trained on existing works of art (try reloading the page). The process is described in their paper which also ...
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Why can't the current legal system handle liability for harm caused by artificial intelligence?

I'm confused about why people claim that current legal system cannot handle any wrongdoings of algorithms that involve artificial intelligence. The claim is that it is impossible to find who is liable ...
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Usability of AI-based Evidence

I'm a computer forensics graduate student doing research in blockchain currency (e.g. Bitcoin) forensics. I'm wondering if there are any rulings or decisions regarding the usability and admissibility ...
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Intellectual property and AI: Is the output a derivative work of the training set?

Deep fakes are audio or video outputs of generative adversarial networks (GANs) that are trained on real audio/video and can be difficult to distinguish from that produced by people. Famously this ...
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What is copyright law for using audio recordings to train machine learning/AI model?

I am considering using audio soundtracks training data for training a machine learning model. Under this consideration, these audio files are speech excerpts obtained from some TV programs posted on ...
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What is defined as low or minimal risk artificial intelligence, and which obligations does it have in the EU Proposal for AI Regulation?

The 2021-04-21 Proposal for a Regulation on a European approach for Artificial Intelligence (Proposal for a Regulation on a European approach for Artificial Intelligence.pdf) mentions: The regulation ...
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If holding a photograph is permitted can a company use facial recognition?

If I've given a company permission to hold an image of me - for a photo ID card, for example. Do they need any extra permissions to use facial recognition software? The facial recognition software ...