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Is a lawyer required to discuss adjournment requests with a client before consenting?

If an attorney receives a request from opposing counsel to adjourn an upcoming hearing, (which would then be communicated to the court as a joint letter) does he need to consult with his client or can ...
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Is an attorney allowed to turn on their client?

Inspired by Yakuza Judgement. Say that Andy the Attorney is potentially representing Dave the defendant. But while they talk, Andy finds Dave to be a repulsive human being who's obviously guilty of ...
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How is a wealthy criminal expected to get a good lawyer?

Say Carl the criminal is a bad guy who's rich. One day, he gets caught. They confiscate his phone and lock him up and deny bail. How is Carl supposed to find a good lawyer? He's locked up and doesn't ...
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Is it necessary to have an attorney-client relationship for a lawyer to give legal advice to someone?

If a lawyer gives legal advice to someone who is not his/her client, is that legal?
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How can I deal with a lawyer who is ignoring the real client in favor of the technical client?

Imagine a situation where the client in a case is an elderly lady who is forgetful and completely inexperienced in the law and she relies on her son to help her with a legal case. The son engages an ...
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