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Authorship in work dedicated to the public domain

I want to dedicate a work I created to the Public Domain using Creative Commons CC0 PD Dedication, and I was wondering how the fact that I'm the author of the work is affected. I understand that ...
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Why don't law collections show who the author of the law is?

When reading laws of the Swiss government it just says: "The federal council decrees x,y,z.". Now I'm wondering who the author of some text was and there seems to be no way to find out. I'm ...
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Is Wikipedia in violation of GNU Free Documentation License?

Consider this article. The main photo on the right ("A female African bush elephant in Mikumi National Park, Tanzania") is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License version 1.2. ...
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source code authorship laws [closed]

Please advise me with the following three situations: situation one - There are two programmers employed by a company. One writes a source code of a computer program. Can the second one edit it? (...
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Are the Quotations in a Book of Quotations Copyrighted?

I have a book of quotations that displays a 1967 copyright. I would like to use some of them in a current work of mine that I intend to publish. Many of the quotations in the 1967 book I can trace ...
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Are there legalities to pay "royalties" to the authors of creations on my website/platform?

Some context: I am developing a website where users can create posts (i.e. stackexchange, reddit, etc.) These posts generate ad revenue from page visitors I want to add a feature where I take a ...
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2 answers

Future supervisor changes author order before submitting grant application

In 2020, I started to work on a grant proposal for a 2-year postdoc. After 2 months, I was told by my prospective supervisor that the proposal was so good, that it could become a 3-year project and ...
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43 votes
4 answers

Could I write a "Parry Hotter" novel?

There is a question over at the Writing SE which was wondering whether J. K. Rowling would consent to somebody writing a Harry Potter sequel. The answer was, predictably in hindsight, "you would ...
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3 answers

Can Bob provide translations to copyrighted articles on his websites?

Consider a scenario: Bob is an owner of a website. Bob plans to stream the translation of a copyright-subject article on the website. Is permission from the copyright holder needed for Bob to stream ...
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Am I subject to my own license's NonCommercial clause?

I am creating a fictional world to be the setting of my RPG campaigns, and using a wiki website to store my content. Being on the internet, I figured I might want to apply a license to my work to ...
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Dutch Portrait rights for persona

I'm no lawyer, so the following is to the best of my understanding. In Dutch copyright law there's the notion of portrait rights. This law specifies certain restrictions for the author of a photo/...
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What exactly are screen rights to a story?

This article tells us how 16 different companies are bidding over the screen rights to a N.Y. Times kidnapping revenge article. What I don't understand is what kind of rights they are trying to get. ...
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1 vote
3 answers

Must Terms of Service be written by a lawyer?

I'm a programmer making a messaging service. And although I can get the software parts sorted out easily, I'm not really sure about the legal bits. In particular, I'm not sure whether my Terms of ...
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16 votes
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If I add a copyright disclaimer to my app, am I exempt of charges?

I'm creating a Pokemon Wiki app for Android with a lot of data related to Pokemon, including images, names etc. I've seen in the Google Play store a lot of apps like mine that contains ads and in-app ...
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Can I monetize a Pokemon themed App in Google Store [closed]

I have created a Pokemon themed app , and I'm going to upload it to Google Store but I have some doubts. I have two versions of the app , one free and another "premium" which costs 2$ , also ...
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Copyright laws regarding a book originally published a few hundred years ago, then republished

There is this book (set), that was originally published a few hundred years ago (way before the copyright duration starts), but then recently published again, with some additions, in 1991, and in that ...
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Register own surname as a trademark

Can I legally register my own surname as a trademark? Supposing my name is Jeck Galifianakis, can I sue by law all the business entities (or maybe individuals too) that hold name Galifianakis in its ...
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How to protect my authorial credit of a book chapter

As part of an internationally dispersed team, I have first-authored a text (along with other authors) which is meant to become a chapter of an academic book. My text was lightly edited in a process of ...
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Can Author or Publisher be sued for this

I recently bought a book which has previous year questions arranged chapter wise for a competitive exam. It has the following statement written on it's cover- Only Books to Contain 100% Questions ...
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Are there any precedents for sombody being held accountable for a mistake in a textbook?

In most modern-day textbooks, especially the ones I've read, a disclaimer is always present which states that the author or the publishing body has tried its best to siphon out all errors, however, in ...
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Apart from trademark protection, what kind of intellectual property protection may logos have according to US law?

Apart from trademark protection, what kind of intellectual property protection may logos have under US law? Could a logo be considered a graphical "work", therefore copyrightable? If it could, how? ...
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Can copyright of a book be extended by the authors relatives?

The book in question is Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People". This is a screenshot taken from the amazon listing of the book: This is ...
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Can i share ebook which i bought to multiple person without enabling them to download

Can i show share ebook which i bought to multiple person without enabling them to download ?. So i won't be making multiple copies of the ebook but will be showing it to multiple users. Is there any ...
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Application code shared between GNU and Comercial software

We have a software of our authory and made by our company, We have licensed a sub part of it as GPL v2 and still develloping a professional version with more features and that shares the code we ...
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Can I make YouTube videos where I read parts of a book aloud

I'm learning languages and in my opinion, one way to improve my skills is to read books aloud. Making it a habit would help me with my vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, etc. I also think there ...
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Is there a fixed amount of time in which a copyright infringement must be ignored even if the creator realizes it?

I shared a derivative book I made without authorization just to share a concise version of the original book with my students. This was plenty of years ago, approximately six years from now. I ...
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What are the legal ramifications of associating a pen name or pseudonym with an image?

I am developing a web site for ebooks and ebook authors and have a question about my legal liability in regard to allowing images to be associated with pen names or pseudonyms. The publishing ...
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Which year to put in copyright notice when mixing old content?

I'm from India and I know that copyright rules may vary from country to country, however, I hope that this question is much general and could be answered based on a general convention. I'm writing a ...
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What to do about images whose author is unknown?

Just as an example, images like this are all around the web. They all feature the lotr ring inscription, and ...
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Lossless version as proof of copyright in court, alternative protection measures

I'm a little paranoid about being plagiarized. Let's say I publish music on Youtube (for example) and several blogs. I only publish the audio on a compressed lossy format. I keep safe on my hard ...
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Is it a personal care or a Company care to correct the list of Authors of a Patent owned by the Company?

My name was missed in several patents issued by a Company with whom I was in the past. I contacted a very experienced Attorney in Employer-Employee Relations for an advice. His belief was that I ...
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If I don't sign a contract for the publication of my works, who is the copyright owner?

I worked as illustrator, cartoonist and writer for some magazines and books in Italy (on paper and on line), but I never signed any contract and I never received money. Some publisher asked to me to ...
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Author rights and math exercises found on books

I'm building an education related product with some friends and we're planning on using exercises we find on various books for the guides. Our question is if the math exercises belong to them and ...
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Can you duplicate copyright for a copyright transfer?

Normally, when you do a copyright transfer, you're no longer the holder of the copyright, and thus cannot make a copyright claim (in other words, cannot assert copyright in the source code; but can ...
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