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Car and Med Insurance?

If somebody were to get into a bad car accident, the med costs can rack up, and it'd be best to have insurance burgeon a portion of the debt. But let's say that due to financial straits, said person ...
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What is the state's obligation to provide a means to comply?

The jurisdiction is Washington State, the specific situation is the purchase of a vintage automobile that had been abandoned. The vehicle was not running at the time, and had no title or registration....
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Which statutes cover a customer’s rights to not upgrade software in an automobile?

Here’s a hypothetical scenario: A customer drops off a vehicle at the vehicle manufacturer’s service center for some repair to the body of the car (let’s say a broken bumper). While dropping off the ...
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Personal Liability Renters Insurance

My renters insurance has section described as Personal Liability(Bodily Injury and Property Damage). My question is, is this liability for this dwelling only. If I am sued for bodily injury from auto ...
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Can you inspect your own vehicle in Texas?

In Texas, with the proper licensing and training, is it possible to inspect one's own vehicle?
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Can I sue Midas for 2 instances of negligence/fraud upsell? [closed]

Have had two nightmare experiences with a local Midas Autoshop (independently operated) in Southern California. A bit of a story, thanks for reading. I have had this noise occurring before and after ...
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is requiring "auto pay" for a better car insurence payment plan considered discrimination

my car insurance company doubles up my first monthly payment if i dont use auto pay. is this considered discrimination. Why should I be penalized for not giving access to my bank account.....
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Would I be liable for damage caused by vehicle failure during a test drive?

I recently purchased a vehicle via an online dealer that offers a 7 day test-drive period. While on a test drive, I heard a familiar "Knocking" noise coming from the driver's side front ...
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Is a certificate from a car dealership legally binding or can they unilaterally change the terms?

The car is purchased new from authorized dealership in New York State in 2014. To sweeten the deal, the dealership gives a certificate to buyer a certificate for free oil changes for as long as you ...
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