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Is "driving" a road vehicle fullfiling SAE J3016 level 3 considered working time according to ArbZG?

Is being on the driver's seat of a SAE J3016 level 3 road vehicle (i.e. a motor vehicle defined by a third-party standards agency as having "Conditional Driving Automation") considered ...
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0 answers

What is a remote controlled "toy" car legally in Europe, especially Germany?

I was wondering in which way remote controlled "toy" cars are treated from law side in the European Union and especially Germany while being on public (play) streets or sidewalks. I put &...
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1 answer

Would it be legal to build a self driving car?

If I wanted to build a self driving car, and had the money, equipment, and knowledge to do do, would it be legal? Could I take my hands off the wheel/feet off the pedals while driving, as long as I ...
4 votes
2 answers

Who to sue if hit by an autonomous vehicle?

My understanding is that if one has a collision with another vehicle in which the other driver is at fault then you can sue the other driver for the loss incurred. If the other driver was employed by ...
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2 answers

How can Tesla (and others?) possibly be legally allowed to put these really crude "self-driving cars" into the general public's use?

I just read this news: It says that, only now, well into the year 2020, do ...
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1 answer

Autonomous drone over private property

Is it legal to operate a drone (quadcopter or other type) in autonomous mode over private property (either with owner's permission or over my own property)? By private property I mean private real ...
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2 answers

Could self-checkouts sell alcohol without human approval?

In the UK, self-service checkouts can sell alcohol, but the transaction must be approved by a human - at least, in all the supermarkets I've seen. Is it possible to do this without human approval and ...
3 votes
2 answers

Does the Geneva Convention on Road Traffic prohibit driverless cars?

The 1949 Geneva Convention on Road Traffic, which the United States and several other countries have ratified, states the following (emphasis added): Chapter II, Article 8, Section 1 (reprinted in ...
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1 answer

Commercial autonomous (delivery) robot using sidewalks

Is it legal to operate a commercial autonomous robot on public sidewalks (and street crossings) to deliver pizza for example? The robot would not operate directly on roads or streets where it could ...