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Remanded for a plea of Not Guilty for Reasons of Insanity?

In this scenario, someone is arrested and accused of a racism crime, for example sending racist messages through an online social media platform to another person of the same ethnicity as the offender....
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Is it legal (but maybe "unprecedented") for the prosecution to "judge shop" to re-arrest someone on the same charges?

It's been said that the recent re-arrest of an FBI informant on the same charges is "unprecedented", in particular because it was done by going to a different judge than the original ...
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Why was Anne Sacoolas not committed for contempt of court?

CIA employee Anne Sacoolas skipped bail when she was supposed to appear for her sentencing for running over and killing a British youth. Her excuse was that her employer had instructed her to do this. ...
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What is the intent of Donald Trump's $200k bond?

As a non-American I was trying to understand the idea behind bail in the US and it seems to be a monetary deterrent large enough to make you go to court (assuming that you care about the money), but ...
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Can defendants arraigned in federal court sometimes be "out on bail" secretly with no way for the public to know about or verify the bail?

In this answer to my Politics SE question *Is former president Trump "out on bail" as Chris Christie asserts? If so, were campaign funds used? which ends: Bail is a particular type of bond ...
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Answering crown bail with coronavirus

Meet Bob. Bob has been charged with an either way offence, for which he has elected to undergo a jury trial in crown court when appearing before a magistrate. The magistrate bailed him for another ...
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What is the difference, if any at all, between having a warrant for your arrest and being circulated as wanted in the UK?

What does it mean to have a warrant out for one's arrest? How must a warrant be issued? What institutions within society are able to issue a warrant? What does it mean to be circulated to police ...
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Why is Julian Assange in jail?

Further to another question asked on these boards: Julian Assange was sentenced to 50 weeks for jumping bail on 1 May 2019 Presumably, his jail term began immediately upon sentencing, in which case he ...
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"Innocent until proven guilty" doesn't apply to bail?

How does the law reconcile the "innocent until proven guilty" principle with the treatment of those awaiting trial on criminal charges? At least in the U.S., it seems like there is a meta-...
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Bail conditions - check in with a probation officer?

If a person is out on bail, is a possible bail condition for them to check in with a probation officer? Or what is the title of the official individual who makes sure bail conditions are continuing to ...
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Difference between bail and bail bond?

On a TV show recently I heard the judge say: "Bail is set at 15 million dollars, 5 million dollar bond". What does this mean? I am familiar with a bail amount, but is this a total of 20 ...
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Does pre-trial detention exist only because of a resources constraint?

A lot of people are talking about alternatives to cash bail recently, which made me wonder, why does pre-trial detention exist in the first place? My layman's understanding of pre-trial detention is ...
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Is "time served" applied to bail as well as jail?

It is not uncommon for "time served" in jail awaiting trial to be credited towards any sentence of incarceration for a defendant ultimately convicted of a crime. (I haven't been able to determine ...
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Legal consequences and conviction for celebrities

I know that may be this present question can show a little bit of naivety and the answer can be somehow obvious and trivial, but since I'm not sure about these issues, I'll be asking it anyway. Are ...
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Does a bail-jumper have any recourse from being apprehended with the help of illegally obtained information?

Say that a person is a bail-jumper, that is, someone who fails to appear in court after being let out on bail. If they are apprehended by a bail bondsman with the help of illegally obtained ...
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Dosso case in Pakistan

In 1958, a man named Dosso (who lacked a surname), was convicted of murder in Baluchistan under section 302 of the Pakistan Penal Code by a Loya Jirga (a tribal court). An appeal was made to the ...
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When will desuetude apply to Julian Assange's bail violation in U.K. law?

In most legal systems, there is a timeout after that a crime can't be punished any more. It is desuetude. Currently, Julian Assange can't leave the Equadorian Embassy of the U.K., because he will be ...
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Is Patty Mayo's Youtube content legal?

I've recently been watching a youtuber by the name of "Patty Mayo". He arrests people who fail bond payments or fail to appear in court. I've seen "Cops" before, but this guy doesn't blur faces and ...
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Why is the bond for a $500 fraud identical to that for a more than $20 000 fraud?

This man who was much advertised on the internet (see the links) has 19 charges, the bond for each of them being set to $40 000. The question is why, as long as some charges are for frauds ranging ...
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How often is bail money returned?

I have been reading a little about the housing mortgage crisis of 2000s. I have found some articles on the internet, some inference and intuition that has lead me to believe that many banks in fact ...
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How long can the government hold bail money?

How long can bail be held by the government? I was under the assumption that bail money is used as an incentive to get a criminal defendant to appear in court. However, I have recently been informed ...
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