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How to answer this California bar-exam question? [closed]

The July 2022 Bar Exam of California includes the following as the fact pattern of Question 1 "Bath Stuff (Bath), a retailer located in Betaville, sent Neat Scents (Scents), an importer located ...
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Law Firm with one lawyer and hundreds of legal experts who haven't passed the bar

In this hypothetical scenario lets say there was a law firm that has only one lawyer to file all paper work, make all court room appearances to represent the firm. All of his work, however preparing ...
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Does the Bar Council of India enroll candidates who passed 10+2 with vocational subjects?

As a vocational student in 10+2 (I.T CBSE), I want to pursue BA LLB. Is there any problems for vocational students, who have passed their 12th, to enroll in Bar council of India? Do I meet the ...
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What is the average cost of attending law school?

What if an 18 year old wanted to go to law school as cheaply as possible? How mutch could he manage it for? What about an ivy league school? What about the university of Texas? He is a dependent of a ...