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For questions about barter, an economic trade system involving only goods or services and excluding currency.

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Is it legal for a private citizen to barter in international waters?

I first want to say that I know very little about international trading rules and regulations. I am curious to know if it is legal for a private citizen from one nation to barter for things with ...
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What is the legality of two (or more) trade partners trading (i.e. billing) each other in a mutually agreed units of exchange

Assuming that company A (based in say, the US), wants to trade with another company (B say), based in say, Germany (or anywhere else in the world). Assuming that these two companies have agreed to ...
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Is lending taxable?

Barter is taxable. So are gifts. What about lending objects (possibly for an indefinite amount of time)? If it is not taxable, would that constitute a loophole for the taxation of gifts and barter? If ...
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Are non-cash payments to the IRS legal?

Since the IRS taxes barter transactions, is it legal to pay your taxes to the IRS in non-cash payments such as produce or cattle or other goods?
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Can gold/silver bullion be used to buy/sell market goods?

U.S. here, specifically NY state. Suppose I have an authentic gold coin ("bullion"). Vendor X is selling a product that she is willing to sell me for the general value (I say general here ...
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Are employers legally allowed to pay employees in goods and services equal to or greater than the minimum wage?

In the United States, full-time employees (not contractors) must be paid a minimum wage per hour. Assuming both parties agree to it, are they legally allowed to be paid in goods and services equal to ...
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Do barter transactions need to be declared for tax purposes, and how is taxable value decided?

What is the legality of bartering goods and services in a non-business setting? Say I'm on Craigslist, and I trade my car for a service or another product. Do I need to declare that on my taxes, and ...
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Can one legally barter services if each party declares they are donating the service?

I've read where the IRS will try to enforce the "real market value" of a service and require you to pay tax on it. I'm wondering how enforceable this is, and if you can get around it if its less than $...
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