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I had work done on my dentures, but they did not tell me the work was not coved by my insurance [closed]

I live in Nashville TN. I went to the dentist and had work done on my dentures. They did not tell me that the work wouldn't be covered by my insurance, then handed me a bill before I walked out the ...
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What is the duty of a medical office to properly bill one's insurance? (USA)

In the US, it is typical for patients to sign contracts with a medical office assigning whatever benefits are applicable from their health insurance to the doctor's office and leaving the patient ...
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What (if any) offense is this: Booking the wrong task at the wrong date

In German law there exists the concept of "Scheinrechnung" (lit. "pretence invoice"), which, put simply, is an invoice for something that did not actually happen as claimed. ... It ...
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Legal validity of the statement: "advise us of any incorrect entries within 30 (thirty) days"

It is standard practice of many financial service providers, in South Africa, at least to state on the bottom of their statement, something along the lines of: Kindly check your statement and advise ...
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Can lab refuse to release test results to ordering physician until getting paid?

My doctor ordered a genetic testing to a lab in New Jersey which is out-of network for my insurance. The lab didn't submit a claim to my insurance, instead directly sent me a bill and tell me that ...
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How to avoid unwarranted bills as a victim of online order fraud (with zalando)

What has happened A unknown party has ordered multiple items from (a clothing retailer), while using my address as the delivery address. Note: I have no account there, and never ordered, so ...
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Can the US somehow "claw back" or otherwise recover some of the $35 billion in over-billing by a Singapore-based firm founded by a Malaysian national?

The BBC's US Navy officer 'bribed by cash and prostitutes' begins: Information Commander Stephen Shedd provided to the firm helped it defraud the navy of $35 billion (£26.1bn). The plea is the latest ...
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Reimbursable hours: Reasonable Legal Expenses

In Florida Nonbinding arbitration, the prevailing party is entitled to reasonable legal expenses (lawyers fees). IANAL so I do not have a sense or experience as to what is / is not reasonable. Is $...
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What Is the Impact of Liability on Billing for Work Not Done?

First things first, sorry for the uninspiring title. Please edit it if you have a better one for the question! This question arose from a comment on a related question which I posted. The question ...
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Online Service Requires 2-User Minimum Billing for Per-User Priced Product

Is this legal under Payment for Services Not Rendered if only one user account is ever used? I'm using an online service, Hubstaff, to keep track of my time and invoice clients for the time I work on ...
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Can I be charged for dental services that were never provided?

I was going to have my daughter's wisdom teeth removed at a local dental office. Upon arrival I signed a sales receipt to have our Smile Generation account charged $864 for the wisdom teeth removal; ...
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Is a patient legally obligated to pay for non-emergency medical services that were not requested by the patient?

Is a patient required to pay for non-emergency services they did not request from a medical provider? For example, a radiology clinic takes an x-ray and then sends it to a 3rd party radiologist for ...
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Handling a disputed invoice: verbal quotation

If a professional services firm gives a verbal quote (in line with market rates) but then bills for services that, by an order of magnitude, exceed the original quote (and market rates) – what ...
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Am I obligated to pursue an invoice?

I recently had a contractor do some work on my house. I was not happy with them at all: They started later than promised, finished later than promised, did not update me on progress, literally forgot ...
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