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A bill is a piece of legislation that is being considered by a parliament, after which it becomes an Act or statute

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Can Merrill 401k Company Legally withhold my 401k from me when it's under $5k total balance? [closed]

I've recently undergone a horrible experience with mess of a failed construction project ending in an architect suing me for a large sum of money for prints that will always be unusable to me. This is ...
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Does every bill that is passed in a state legislature automatically mean that some part of the legal statutes was modified?

When a bill is passed in a state legislature, is it possible that that the bill just stands alone as a new law, or does it mean that a statute in the state's code of law is updated? For example, if a ...
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Once a congressional bill has become law, how is it noticed by and overseen within the executive branch?

Bills, once they become laws, seem to be archived and internally published somehow. I wonder how the executive branch picks up on and implements them when/after this happens. Someone, somewhere in the ...
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Is a medical provider required to provide a bill and/or receipt for a payment in Massachusetts?

We are currently self-payers for medical services. We found that many providers have trouble dealing with this and in particular it's very difficult to get proper documentation of the services ...
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How is a "passed" bill translated into a federal code in the US?

After a bill is through the legislative process what occurs for it to be translated from the form it is in when it is debated in Congress to when it is "implemented" or written and published ...
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Standardizing paper size

Could someone submit a bill proposing to standardize the paper size for a country? What would be the considerations to pursue this?
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Will there be any legal consequence if I ignore a bill that I do not owe?

I received a bill from my doctor's office for a copay of $25 that I do not need to pay. I called the office and they acknowledged that it was a mistake. However, for the past few months, they still ...
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Why do US lawmakers attach amendments to the US Constitution instead of directly changing its text?

The US Constitution now has 27 amendments. I noticed that these amendments are "attachments" to the original US Constitution. Why don't the constitutional amendments directly modify the text ...
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Who has to pay restaurant bill

Based on a story from another site: It’s A’s birthday. A’s mum invites mum, dad, A and A’s brother B to a meal in an expensive restaurant. At the end, mum gets the bill, pays money, and mum, dad and ...
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My pediatrician would not see my child until I pay a bill that I don't owe

Yesterday I took my child to the pediatrician's office as she was ill. We were told that we had an outstanding bill and unless we pay it, the pediatrician will not see my child. We were very confused ...
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Roommate isnt paying her half of the utilities, can I sue her? [duplicate]

So my roommate, her kids, myself, my mother (who is visiting lt) and my dog live in a duplex and we each pay rent, separatly, to the landlord. The utilities are all in my name except the wifi; that's ...
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What are a debtor's risks in a small claims action

Suppose that several people share an apartment in Massachusetts. Suppose that the utility bills for that appartment were in the name of one resident, A, and A collected shares of the amounts due from ...
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Water payment dispute

Basically I finished up my rental contract in Finland and my landlord told me the water consumption was very high and that I need to pay an extraordinary payment of over €1500 for the course of a year....
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Can bills (the documents of laws/legislation) have pictures? Or text only? Can images become part of the legal code?

Asking out of plain curiosity. I tried googling, but just couldn't find a combination of keywords that didn't bring up irrelevant results. Laws become law when the congress approves of a "bill&...
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Why misleading to describe Bills of Lading as "negotiable"?

Why "a little misleadingly"? I do not know what is misleading.       Documentary intangibles are things in action where the documents with which they are associated are so identified with ...
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In the US Reconciliation procedure, wherein the text allows for separate bills for revenue, spending & debt for each year?

In the Reconciliation procedure, as passed in the bill here: Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974. Wherein the exact text here is the interpretation that bills each for revenue, ...
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HR1 would force states to have independent districting. How does the federal gov't have authority to require this?

Section 2401-2422 of the H.R. 1 - For the People Act of 2021 would require states to set up independent districting commissions in order to prevent gerrymandering. This seems pretty clearly to ...
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Roommate want to take me to small claims court (Maryland)

Long backstory: So one of my roommates is the account holder of the utilities since she lived there since the last lease, and NOT ONCE have my other roommate and I seen a PDF or copy of the owed bills....
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Defining a term within a US bill that does not match definition within US Code

I am currently attempting to draft a bill for an amendment I am trying to have introduced. Within the Definitions section, I am defining a "US Person". Within the USC (26 USC § 7701(a)(30)(A)) a US ...
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A better tool for reading law than

I am looking at the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2019, and interested in discovering how much spending the budget covers. Early in the bill, there is a reference to existing legislation: "--Section 251(c)...
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Can a state stop implementation of a bill passed in the parliament?

Yesterday Indian parliament passed citizenship amendment bill which seeks to provide citizenship to religious minorities which have to come to India before Dec 2014 as a refugee due to their ...
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When does new US legislation come into force?

After the US Congress passes a new bill and the president signs it into law, when does this law come into force (become effective and binding)? Does the law need to be oficially published somewhere?
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Can an insurance company drop you after receiving a bill and refusing to pay?

In June of 2018, I had a dental procedure done that ended with a total cost of about $1400. At the time, I was under my parents dental insurance. The dentist office confirmed my policy and claimed ...
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Do I have to pay the dental bill that is much higher than estimate?

I got a crown and the color was different from other teeth. The dentist wrote to me that he would remake the crown free of charge. After starting the remaking process, he said his time was free but ...
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How to get my Hospital bill settled down for a service that I didn't receive?

Last January, I was very sick from a common cold that I could barely drive myself to Hospital. I somehow pulled myself to the Hospital gates and had a checkup with the Physician there. They check me,...
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Should I settle with a car insurer (Uber) and reimburse a medical insurer after car accident? (subrogation) [closed]

I was a passenger in an Uber ride, and there was an accident. I had medical treatment, paid with my medical insurance from work, and now they want to get a reimbursement (subrogation). This is totally ...
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Why do Acts of the UK Parliament still start with a lengthy bombastic sentence?

Source: Rebecca Gowers. Plain Words (2014 ed). p. 76 Top. Can't the hackneyed sentence (in bold, below) be shortened? Why not something less pompous?   The first affects only the official. It is ...
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Do Companies like Microsoft sue users for unpaid online services bills?

Let's say that I have subscribed for a monthly paid services using my credit card, and when the time of paying come the amount that I have as a credit doesn't cover that bill, and after months I ...
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Exemption from chapter

What does an the point #7 in § 46.2-2101 (VIRGINIA ACTS OF ASSEMBLY) exactly mean? Citing from the web (link here): § 46.2-2101. Exemptions from chapter. The following are exempt from this ...
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Do I have to pay an untimely electricity bill?

My gas and electricity utility company has not billed me for any of my use since I moved in to my apartment 6 months ago. To this day, I still have not gotten a bill. If they decide to bill me in the ...
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Which standards prevent laws from naming specific targets?

It seems normative that a law cannot enumerate any specific persons or companies to be included or excluded from its provisions. Imagine: "Violation of this section is punishable by a $100 fine; Joel ...
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Are nootropics illegal in the UK from April 2016?

According to new Psychoactive Substances Act 2016, the UK's government announced that new legalisation bans all substances deemed as “psychoactive” drugs excluding controlled drugs such as caffeine, ...
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What is the "chain of authority" that allows the IRS code to force disclosure of a SSN when obtaining a passport?

The bottom of page 38 of H.R. 22, says: Present Law The administration of passports is the responsibility of the Department of State.19 The Secretary of State may refuse to issue or renew a ...
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Where in the Protect America Act is it stated that the NSA can monitor all electronic communication?

There is a statement that I have heard floating around regarding the Protect America Act (2007) and the powers it grants to the NSA (National ...
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How common is it for bills to be introduced in both the House of Representatives and the Senate?

Five bills are mentioned in this report. Two of them, H.R. 2422 and S. 829, are very similar and appear to be applicable to the same situations (though I can not find the full text of the latter), ...
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