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Was it illegal to borrow my cousins trailer without his permission but leaving notes?

I borrowed my cousins utility trailer while he was at work. (Mine broke down with time-sensitive cargo on it and we borrow stuff from each other all the time.) I left him 3 notes explaining the dire ...
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What law governs shopping carts?

The title may sound a bit funny but it is something I spent a few hours thinking about during a recent car trip :) In my country in order to get a shopping cart, you have to insert a coin. When ...
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If you borrow something but can't contact the owner to return it, does it become yours?

Do I become the owner of a device someone lets me borrow if I can't return it? Say someone lets me borrow their iPad since I need an Apple platform for a project. They say I don't need to return it ...
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My friend borrowed money but does not want to pay back. It was a 'buddy promise' with no pay back time stipulated

My (used to be) friend borrowed some money from me but does not want to pay back. It was a 'buddy promise'. I have SMS, Email & Bank Transfer slips as evidence. Since it was done between buddies, ...
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Is a loan contract valid if a different amount than was stated was borrowed?

If there is a contract written that entitles one party (the lender) to give another party (the borrower) X amount of money (e.g., £700) and the lender only gives some fraction of that (e.g., £300) on ...
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Is borrowing without consent illegal?

After reading this question: Borrow something and return it considered stealing? I got the impression that, other than a bike, if I borrow stuff from random people without their consent and return ...
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What are legal ways to get a persons address (Person living in Ireland, I'm living in The Netherlands)?

This is a follow-up to my previous question. I filed for a European small claims procedure but the only address I had of that person, seems invalid. The people at the address in question claim they ...
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Can I use a loan for something other than what I said I'd use it for?

I'd like to purchase some grazing land. I'm half way there with the funds and thought of covering the remaining cost with a loan. This would be a personal loan from a UK bank and not secured against ...
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What are the legal implications if a borrower gets a loan through reporting "illegal" income?

Suppose a borrower applied for, and got a mortgage from a bank, by reporting an income for several years of say, $100,000 a year. Suppose this borrower had zero legal income during this time, but had ...
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