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Questions concerning the laws, criminal justice system, civil court procedures and related topics specific to the country of Brazil.

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Can a woman living in Brazil collect child support from someone in the United States?

The baby was born in the United States but has been living in Brazil for 6 years. The mother is a Brazilian citizen.
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Does Brazil issue a document certifying that one has never been married?

Is there a certificate issued by the Government of Brazil to prove that an individual has never been married before? If so, how is it called? Some countries call it Certificate of No Marriage and ...
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Are Brazilian companies allowed to store the first 6 digits of my card number?

I tried buying a bus ticket online from a bus company from Brazil and the payment failed. However, in the history of payments the failed transaction shows the first 6 and the last 4 digits of my card ...
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What laws prohibit winning prizes in international contests?

In the contest, the rules say this: Persons from the following countries or regions can submit but will not be considered eligible for the contest due to local rules, ...
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Legal Limits for damage reparation

In the 2004 German movie The Edukators, part of the characters motivation revolves around a damage reparation: "Jule is a waitress struggling to pay off a €100,000 debt she incurred a year ago when ...
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What are the rights of the client when buying online and receiving a broken product?

I live in Brazil and I bought an electronic product online and it came broken. I contact the guaranty, but they said that the guaranty is not valid, because the product is broken. The store that sold ...
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unknown US citizen, do I owe taxes

My parents are US citizens who, moved to Brazil and had me 32 years ago. We never went back. The US doesn't know about me I'm sure. I don't even have any US documents. But I wonder still, I have ...
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Why are Brazil and Quebec excluded from Google's CTF competition?

Google is hosting an information security competition (a CTF) with participants from around the world. Their participation rules from 2017 explicitly exclude residents of certain countries: The ...
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Can I sue a company in US even if I'm in Brazil?

I currently live in Brazil and bought a Lifetime VPN service from a company called Spyproof VPN in 13 Oct 2015 which supposedly does not keep logs. After investigating some more, I found out that the ...
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Why must resignation letters in Brazil be handwritten?

I resigned from two companies when I worked in Brazil and in both cases they demanded that I write a resignation letter by hand. In both cases the human resources department would not accept a letter ...
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How does Brazilian Law work in relation to a European/foreign father having to pay Child Support?

I am soon to be the alleged father to ex Brazilian girlfriends baby who has moved home to have the child. I will not go over there until I get DNA test, then I will consider signing Birth Certificate. ...
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Am I liable for work-related duties?

If I, knowingly, break a site's terms of use (in a way like copying its material, when it explicitly states it's forbidden) as part of my job (I have written proof that my boss assigned me this task, ...
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If a company takes a long time to service a client, could this be considered a refusal of service?

I have a Nokia smartphone with a defect that I will send in for repair under warranty. I was warned by fellow co-workers and by reviews on the internet that the only repair shop authorized to repair ...
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