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Can a lease specify reasons for withholding a security deposit beyond what the law lists as allowable

Context: Location: Colorado, USA I was renting with a lease agreement but I needed to leave early and break the lease. The landlord withheld my security deposit and correctly notified me with an ...
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Does Rent Increases Have Any Impact On Requirement To Provide Notice To Vacate?

In the state of Illinois - I've signed a lease with a property management company. The lease says I need to give 60 days notice to vacate before the end of my lease. My lease was a 6 month lease and ...
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Lease Assignment in NYC

I am in a 2 BD apartment in NYC. I'm on the lease along with the other tenant. There is a guarantor on the lease. I want to leave the lease, which has 10 months remaining. I have sent the landlord a ...
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Can old landlord withdraw money using ACH information without my consent

My landlord uses a web client called securecafe to automate rent payments. I enrolled to auto payment using ACH. Due to covid-19 I had to terminate my lease early and leave my apartment. My landlord ...
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Tenant/Landlord - Not locking the front door violate tenant's right to a livable place? (California)

For Housing, between tenant and landlord in California: Does not locking the front door on a regular basis count as a violation of the tenant's right to a livable (safe and habitable) place? If so, ...
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